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Thanks to both of you! And Travis, I'm sorry I spelled your last name wrong!

I rode the JBS from Chattanooga to Louisville in 1977 during my time off from Watchman duties on the DQ. When Capt. Trone found out I could manage to get a few tunes out of a calliope, he had me playing it several times during that trip. Since I too play by ear, it was frustrating to me at the very first, but soemhow I managed to do pretty well with it once I saw what the deal was. I attribute that to playing around with a big Wurlitzer theatre organ at the Orpheum in Memphis when I was in high school...that thing had about a 3 second delay from the time the key was pressed/released and you heard the result from those chambers buried deep about 1/2 mile away!

Thanks again to both you guys.
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