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Default Arch View Cafe is not the McDonalds

To answer the question, the Arch View Cafe is not the former McDonalds riverboat. I don't know where the McDonalds ended up. The Arch View Cafe is nothing new, except in name. It's the same Gateway Arch Riverboat wharfboat as has always been there. It's just that they fixed it up and added the mysterious barge behind the existing one. I think it is an office barge.

The McDonalds was never designed for cruising. It was only a stationary boat. It would not survive as a cruising boat, because it goes against the very idea of fast food. When you are done with your meal, you leave the boat. The gambling "boat" industry is the same way. Gamblers don't care about cruises, so when they are done losing, they want to get off. That's why casinos don't cruise, and barely float anymore.

By the way, the Gateway Geyser is not, and never will be, a real St. Louis attraction. While it sounds interesting, the "geyser" rarely operates and when it does no one notices. If you stand on the riverfront steps, you are watching a plume of water that is almost a mile away across the river. What's so exciting about that? Plus, there's no sound. So, it's just a skinny plume of water, that blends in with the clouds. A better idea would be to create a water attraction on the Missouri side of the river.

Kevin is right. PR, or "news", rarely involves something interesting. If it is not sports, then it is bad news. The news crews only notice the river when it is flooding. And, they probably need maps just to find it.
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