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Originally Posted by Margaret Swan View Post
Patrick, you will be missed! The main thing is to enjoy your new adventure/business. And, most of all, keep your hands out of the candy jar.
[small bites to assure quality are okay, but not numerous pieces]. Let us know your website address.

Margaret Swan

That's like passing up the cookie basket in the Forward Cabin Lounge....difficult, if not impossible. Well, maybe from his vantage point in the Purser's Office, which is close proximity to the cookie basket, and as Hotel Manager also noticing the vast amount of cookies being consumed, Patrick realized a long time ago that the candy/cookies/confections business would be a sure shot when his boating days ended...


You will do great in the candy business! Diane, John and I wish you every success. Next time we're in Weiser, we'll be sure to drop by.

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