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The story behind this sign follows in my next posting with the rest of the pictures..... Lexie had been pilot and I a passenger the two weeks prior to the Carter trip, so we saw the whole thing unfold. But neither of us was scheduled on the trip itself. So we decided to follow the boat some. I of course saw her here at the Davenport stop, where I got on board to pick up the Captain's wife and take her to the airport. The following day I drove to Burlington Iowa and picked Lexie up at their 'international' airport - she had flown up from Texas. We watched the DQ leave Burlington, and then drove along the Illinois side during the infamous thunderstorm above Fort Madison. That night we got soaked standing at L&D 19 too. On Thursday morning, we boarded the DQ in Hannibal after the President and his entourage had left for the city tour.(The Secret Service had checked out everybody on board the boat the week prior to this trip, so we would have had clearance, had they bothered to check us out.) Bob Reynolds or Lexie could be more specific on this part, but the crew had been kidding about Air Force One and thought the DQ should be Steamboat One, so when Lexie came aboard, somebody got her and asked her to make the sign. They had to get clearance from the White House staff to use the Presidential Seal. So Lexie and I sanded down the board on the bow of the DQ. When it was obvious that she wasn't going to get the sign done while they were in port, she was asked to stay aboard to finish it. She was hesitant because that left me to go to St. Louis by myself. No way was I going to let her miss this chance of a lifetime! So she got it finished and it was up for the St. Louis arrival. She was able to visit with President Carter in the pilothouse, and the autographed picture was a result of that, making up for 'leaving me in the lurch'. So, the first picture is Lexie sanding the board, the second shows the Carters returning(we thought they'd move us out, but nope, we stayed right there), and the third is the official photo of President Carter, Capts. Charlie Fehlig and Fred Martin which the President autographed for me.
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