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Keith, The mural on the back wall of the DQ's Orleans room bandstand still exists...

I was told by one of the crewmembers that if I truly loved the ol' DQ, my experience couldn't be really, really complete until I checked out Lexie's mural. So David Dewey and I checked it out in May. It is wonderful, lots of "Oh My" and "Oh-Ahs" on our part...We couldn't see but small pieces at a time, as it was difficult to pull up the stage curtains far enough to see big portions of it without upsetting Jeff's bass, but the artwork is absolutely lovely. It was definitely worth the time, and I'm a little embarassed that it took me so long for me to finally check it out.

Steamboat Willie, huh? Never saw that so I guess I gotta force myself to go back (its a tough job but I guess I gotta do it).

Anybody have a picture of Lexie's "Steamboat One"?
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