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Default McDonald's Riverboat - St. Louis

Here are a few photos of the McDonald's Riverboat, always advertised as the ONLY floating McDonald's in the world, and long a fixture on the St. Louis levee from 1980 until it "disappeared" in the 1990's. Does anybody know WHERE it went?

Although built on a barge, the riverboat was well designed inside (featuring large photo murals of old steamboat scenes) and even had faux sidewheels in the wheelboxes which diners walked through to go aft on the second deck. An ice cream stand and a souvenir shop were on the forecastle and "concealed" inside small buildings that were disguised as stacked freight on the deck.

The service usually left a lot to be desired on the riverboat, but it was fun to visit and a common sight to see a long line of people stretching across the gangplank at lunch time!
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