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Default Arguments in favor of re-exempting the Delta Queen

While the romance, the history and the rarity of the Delta Queen are valid reasons for her continuing operation, these are not the arguments that will catch the eyes of politicians. They could care less about the boat's grandeur and the quality of the entertainment. They have zero interest in the scenery on the Upper Mississippi River.
No! They are interested in the SAFETY of the boat. They care whether a hundred VOTERS lose their jobs. They hate to lose the TAX REVENUES from ticket sales and the incomes of personnel. They fear the RESPONSIBILITY for permitting the boat to exist. They can understand the future use of the boat for MILITARY personnel, as it did during WW II. They even understand the PUBLICITY value and the INCOME derived as a tourist attraction. But the food, the personal satisfactions, the entertainments, the shore stops are for fans, not congressmen and women.
Therefor, address their interests, not yours, in appeals to the government.

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