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For what its worth, this is the email I sent to all names on the list.
-Jim Herron

Dear Senator ________:

I am writing to ask your support in saving the historic and important steamboat Delta Queen by granting her an additional exemption from the Coast Guard's fire retardant regulations.

I am writing to you as a past and future passenger on the Delta Queen. I have no investment in the Delta Queen or the company that operates her and I am not an employee of that company.

This classic steamer is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a national treasure. It has been exempted from the Coast Guard fire retardant materials regulations by congress several times since 1970, always with completely safe operation under professional crew
management and continues to do so today. The current exemption expires in November, 2008 and a new exemption must be granted to keep her running.

The operation of the Delta Queen is different from ocean vessels. Her travels are on the Mississippi and Ohio River systems so the dangers of ocean travel are not a factor in her operation.

In her history, the Delta Queen has carried one United States President, First ladies, Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Conner and many other celebrities. But more importantly, she continues to attract thousands of passengers, a lot of them multiple repeaters. I am one of her passengers. On a cruise last year, I met a lady who was on her 105th Delta Queen cruise. While there are a couple of other, newer steamboats currently operating, there is only one Delta Queen. Built in 1926, she offers a historic experience that no others can match and draws passengers from every state and many other countries.

Her safety record is well known and she has the all the latest equipment to keep her passengers safe. The exemption is necessary because she has wooden components that are part of her appeal and charm. Over the years, she has received a steel hull and other improvements that make her far safer today. Her crew has a frequent and on-going safety training program.

Exempting the Delta Queen will not cost any tax dollars because she is privately owned and maintained.

Thank you for your consideration in granting the Delta Queen the exemption needed to keep her steaming.

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