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Doug, I work at the Howard Museum and will see what I can dig up on Kate Adams tomorrow. I found a newspaper article on web about her maiden voyage, however, if there were actually 3 Kate Adams it may not be the first one. The date on this one is Dec. 23, 1882 and it lists the names of crew. is the website it is from the Arkansas City Journal. Here is some of what it says:

The Louisville Courier-Journal of last Friday has this paragraph concerning the new beauty: "A clear case of 'yonder she comes, here she is, there she goes,' took place in our harbor last evening. The new and beautiful sidewheel passenger steamer Kate Adams, built by James Rees & Sons, Pittsburg, for the Memphis and Arkansas City trade, passed down in front of our city like a blue streak of greased lightning. She had been expected during the day, and many people were disappointed in not getting to see her, and a great many hoped to have the pleasure of visiting her last night. All were disappointed, for she shot by without stopping her wheels, dived into the canal like a thing of life, and is, no doubt, this morning many miles down the river, going like a racehorse and headed for Memphis. Capt. W. C. Tichenor was on the roof, Mr. Will Rees was in the office, the passengers were at supper, and, as old Ike remarked: 'Gentlemen. dat dar boat wur a-gwine down de ribber so dam fas' dat the cap'n wur afraid to let go de bell and go in out'n de cold ter wa'm hisse'f.'"

All of the officers of the Dean Adams, except Steward Matson, were transferred to the new boat. Their long and faithful service in the line entitled them to this recognition, and certainly the patrons of the Dean will be glad to find on board the Kate Adams all their old friends.

The roster is as follows: Mark R. Cheek, Master; A. L. Cummins, Chief Clerk; W. Outlaw, Second Clerk; A. L. Cummins, Jr., Bill Clerk; Henry Powers, Chief Mate; Thomas Kelly, Second Mate; Louis Botto, Chief Engineer; John Botto, Second Engineer; William Hopus, Pilot; Elisha Evins, Pilot; Frank Norris, Steward; Joseph Flynn, Barkeeper. Every one of them well known and deservedly popular in the trade.
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