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Default Here is the request for support from MAL

Here is the request for support from Majestic America Line I think it's now very important to support the renewal of the SOLAS exemption for the DELTA QUEEN without questioning the plans of Majestic America Line regarding the DQ, the MQ or what ever.

Everything negative in this process of convincing the Congress to issue a new exemption is endangering the DQ, though it might seem to be decent and sensemaking to discuss.

Remember: The Unions (and I clearly see the issues involved in this, too!) are trying to use their power to enforce new contracts for their members with Majestic America Line If the Union is not successful in using the DQ exemption issue in their fight with MAL, this could also mean the end for the DELTA QUEEN. I'm very well aware of the two edges of what I'm saying, but my personal opinion is: Let's not risk that the DELTA QUEEN will be history. Let the Union do its work; they're powerful enough to do this on their own. But the DELTA QUEEN really needs a strong lobby!


(And I really hope that the Union members reading this won't hate me for what I've written. I know about the conflict between the Union and Majestic America Line But this is one thing; the exemption for the DQ is an other thing. And these two things shouldn't be mixed in any way.)

Here now is the letter from MAL:

Dear Friend of the Delta Queen:

As many of you know, the Delta Queen was built in 1926 and in 1970 was
registered as an historic treasure by the Department of Interior and the
National Trust for Historic Preservation. Although the vessel's hull is
made of steel, its superstructure is constructed of wood. As such, it
must have a statutory exemption from the Coast Guard's fire retardant
materials regulations for its operations on the Mississippi and Ohio
Rivers to continue. That is the reason we are writing you today, to help
us extend her operating license beyond the current exemption, which
expires in November, 2008.

For the past 40 years, the Delta Queen has operated pursuant to
exemption that has been extended no less than 6 times. In fact in 2006,
under the previous Congress, a further 10 year extension was passed by
the House of Representatives, but, due to mid-term elections, the bill
never made it to the Senate. Now, what was believed to be a routine
matter is meeting with some opposition from union interest groups by
questioning her safety.

As we have discussed with you together and individually before, we are
committed to extending the operating license of the Delta Queen for many
years to come, but union opposition to the extension in which they
expressed their concern regarding her safety has created some
uncertainty in Washington DC. We are working hard to demonstrate to the
Congress the Delta Queen's excellent safety record, the merits of our
training program and quality and experience of our crew, but we need
your help as well.

Please call or e-mail the Congressman listed in this e-mail, and let
them know the following plus any additional feelings that you may have
regarding her safety, how special the Delta Queen is and that your jobs
and livelihood are important:

As a Friend of the Delta Queen, I am concerned that Congress may put
this great ship out of business unless action is taken to extend the
Delta Queen's license to operate before the end of 2008. The Delta Queen
is an historic treasure that provides employment, generates economic
activity for small businesses up and down the Mississippi River and its
tributaries and provides pleasure for tens of thousands of passengers.
Please talk to Chairman James Oberstar (or Chairman Daniel Inouye) and
tell them you strongly support saving the Delta Queen.

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