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Dear Bruno,
May I congradulate you on a precise and insiteful presentation of the situation at Majestic America Line Before I left the Empress I was introduced to David Giersdorf and David Simmons, I also had the pleasure to know Tom Carmen, the President of American West Steamboat.
Without stating sources, before the sale to Ambassadors, it became clear that launching the Empress had created a competitor for "The Queen of the West",
when "The Columbia Queen" appeared on the Columbia River, the problem of finding enough Steam"boat' people became acute.
As you know this is what is called reaching the point of diminishing returns. All that has happened since is logical from a marketing MBA perspective. Many times I was previe to conversations about the advancing age of the client base. Also ,due to a lack of "child" activities, I mean video-games, the cruises were seen as over 60 ventures by the travel agent crowd.
I have been hoping Majestic America Line through economics of size would be able to offer the cruises at a lower rate to the AARP and retirement crowd.
All I can assume from the recent moves is Majestic America Line has a short time line. I am sure you see the fallicy in this thinking. The "baby boomers" are only now reaching the point in life where they have disposible income and a desire to discover history.
There is no need to attract the 35 year old with 2 kids. There are hundreds of thousands of folks in thier 60s ,ready to retire and ready to find out about American history. All you have to do is review th New York Times best seller list.
All that said, if you get a chance to "do" Alaska meaning the southeastern trip, Juneau to Sitka and through Wrangell Narrows, then Ketchikan and back to Juneau, please do the trip.
Nothing in the Inside Passage compares.
PS, if you are looking for a good read try, Jonathon Rabin, Passage To Juneau, a book for water, steamboat and history people.
Another aside, I apoligize for our dustup on Maureen's thread. My fault, but the news here in the northwest does give one pause.
Keep writing ,you do good stuff
Bill K
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