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Thanks Franz

I think you know me enough by now to realize that I'm a little vocal and hardheaded about my views. Think my German heritage may have something to do with it?

Anyways, you know that I have been Pro Majestic America Line since I walked on my beloved DQ in March. We should all live by Pat Carr's philosophy: "I'm on the river, I'm on the DQ and she's cruising..." Powerful words those and I am truly honored to be friends with Pat and some of the wonderful posters on this board that you label as steamboatin' enthusists and Majestic America Line further labels as a small group of people, insignificant at best.

Now I'm all for being up on and hearing about the boat's history, but I do not harbor an opinion on what is prettier with the physical boat, old or new. And as long as the boats are making paddlewheel rainbows I couldn't give a damn about the best hull shape, the stack diameter or any of the other DQ historical stuff. With this I semi-agree with Majestic America Line if it means the boats are still active, the "boat history" doesn't feed the bulldog. I suspect that even the Blue paint on the AQ I'll learn to love (however, the Majestic America Line signboard that replaced the eagle...I got a place they can stick that...) They think they need a Cappachino machine, fine...They think that repeaters are silly, fine... DVD's and big momma TVs fine...premium linen, wonderful, river food, sorry... But...

I draw a line to the stuff that made the DQ so friggin' unique and Majestic America Line and DN chose to eliminate. Does anybody miss the trumpet in the band? Does anybody miss bread pudding every night for dinner? Does anybody miss a 3 member entertainment group, entertainment in the Texas late at night, the pajama party, 11 at 11, the sing along, trivia, kite flying, gumbo, seafood bisque, Vox Calliopus, second line? And I could go on...

None of this stuff costs any money, or cost very little. The way I see it is that they changed the flavor of the boats in a misguided effort to, according to thier "marketers", encourage the younger cruiser to cruise. That is the reason WHY A PERSON, ANY PERSON, YOUNG OR OLD CRUISES ON THESE BOATS... the country's history, the river history, the entertainment, the river food, the river itself...I mean, if what I'm hearing and have seen, if there is to be no American history or river flavor why not pick Disney then, it's cheaper, alot cheaper...

What they need to do is encourage the baby boomers, that just had kids leave the nest, to cruise...the 45 and older crowd, that truly wants a slower pace and has no need to climb a rock wall like the one Carnival is pushing so hard. And you ain't going to do that with the infamous Boutiquey flavor, no "steamboat" and literially NO advertising. You do that with a heavy word on AAA and AARP and Expedia about a very UNIQUE product. Come on Franz, you have said it yourself that you will no longer cruise the boats because of the cost, i.e. the cost to you does not justify the value gained even with its unique flavor. But it used to, there was a time when the uniqueness of the DQ made you part with more dollars than you would for Princess. Which cruise line did you just cruise on and was that because it was "boutiquey"? And was there anything unique about it? And, let us all not forget that the boats are filled right now with a significant portion of passengers who got their staterooms at prices much, MUCH LESS than Delaware North or even ACV charged for rack rates. What the hell does that say about the value of their "Boutiquiness"/ ban the steamboats theme? Does boutique mean higher prices are justified...please...I can see higher prices being justified for THE uniqueness, right, the same uniqueness that Majestic America Line is now trying to hide? As stated above all of us have paid more money per night just to cruise the DQ over Carnival and Princess...It's just that lately the prices are astronomical. But did you notice I just booked again, think it might have to do with the cost? It certainly wasn't because I missed the cappachino machine. Think a thirtysomething with kids is going to pay MAL's rack rate when they can cruise on Disney lines for alot, ALOT less? And Majestic America Line expects he and his family to give up that oh so enticing rockwall?

MAL needs to ask themselves why Bruno and Debbie were attracted to the MQ in the first place when we were 46. And I was skeptical then, what was IT that made the decision for me? And I paid rack rates for that one and the next one for that matter, we're talking big bucks in 2000 and 2001, because I perceived "IT", the river uniqueness, was going to be worth it, and then I wasn't into the steam issue or the DQSC history issue either, they became an interest a little later, that further developed into an addiction....

MAL needs to ask themselves when was the last time a Thirtysomething said: " Yeah, I've always been interested in taking a cruise on the DQ".
But how many times have all of us heard a fiftysomething say that...

And if Majestic America Line is trying to attract a younger crowd, is that because they want these people to repeat until the end of time? Why else would it be? And yet they ignore us, the dedicated group of rabid diehards. Did anybody notice that Majestic America Line no longer asks if you are a return customer on the fill-in-the-blanks on the tickets? Why would any company not want to know if you are one of their better customers? This makes no sense...And Franz, you talk like this "better customer" base that frequents this board is just too small for Majestic America Line to care about them. To that I offer to MAL: that for every single person/repeater that posts on this board, I speculate that there are at least a hundred other DQSC repeaters that have never heard of this forum.

Attract a younger crowd? Why is that such an all important deal, it has never been an issue in the past. The new older crowd just eventually replaces the previous older crowd, that has been happening without "marketers" since 1948. And another thing...which age group of USA citizens is the largest and...wait for it...the most affluent...right now? MAL, do you think that is the group of people, the huge pile of dollars you want to target?

I will add by edit that my post is probably the exact thing that you didn't want to see, Franz, and I apologize. But, I need to add one more thought:

Wasn't the DQ profitable in 2001 before ACV went belly up? And before you answer I'm asking about only the DQ, not the DQ/MQ/AQ/CQ group as a whole...for that matter wasn't the DQ doing very good up to the last week of August 2005? Majestic America Line needs to ask the question why was that, and what was different then that brought the bucks in with that "old boat"?

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