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Hi, Keith & David:
Thanks for your two informative postings on the history and fate of the COTTON BLOSSOM in the movie SHOWBOAT etc. I'd always wondered what happened to it and you two have nailed it. The movie back then was a block buster 'biggie' and I recall being hauled to the classic ALBEE theater here on Fountain Square to see it with my parents and sister. The big theater organ was still being played and I recall it but don't remember what selections were rendered.

S&D attendees viewed a clip showing the present MAJESTIC showboat here being floated in her new steel hull down at TUCKER MARINE on Kellogg Ave. [*Cap'n Bill Judd may remember the year it was done.] I saw the hull being welded but not the 'float in' of the boat itself. It was a miserably cold day with snow when the two were matched. I'd dare risk an opinion that showboats as we know them are a totally American phenomenon and creation. If any such vessels existed in Europe Carmen and Franz may have an insight. I attended productions here on the MAJESTIC years back but, truthfully, it gave me a case of the willies when the nearby DELA QUEEN steamed away from the GREENE LINE wharfboat. She was so close you could see in the dining room windows where people were staring back and smell the food from her cook house. Then came the not-so-gentle rock and swell as the DQ turned, rounded out and headed down under the Suspension Bridge.

R. Dale Flick

PS> Can any of you recall the name of the black man with the rich, deep voice in SHOWBOAT who sang 'Old Man River?' I can't.
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