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In the Summer of 1974, I took a tour of the MGM studios, and there was a steamboat in a lagoon then. There was also a "steam" train--which I now believe is back in Nevada City, CA (at least the locomotive) where it originated from the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad (Also known as the "Never Come, Never Go--it is said that a passenger complained to the conductor, "When are we going to get to Nevada City, my baby is due!" His response was, "Madam, you shouldn't have gotten on the train in this condition" Her reply, "I wasn't IN this condition when I boarded in Colfax!"
(For those not familiar with the layout of the land, you can drive today (very near the old right-of-way) between the two towns in 45 minutes).
Anyways, back to steamboatin'--I wonder if this was the same boat--my memory is vauge, but I thought the guide said something about "Showboat." The big deal at that time was going through Moses' parted waters.
David D.
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