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Sandy, Deb and I have been in most of the classes of staterooms on the DQ and we don't ever remember having a closet in any of them, could be senior memory and all that. When you go up into the fancy-schmancy staterooms the chest of drawer and night stand storage sizes go up, though. "F's" just have the single chest of drawers, nice sized ones though, with four drawers if I remember.

Deb always brings about about 12 hangers to the boat. Typically it seems that the boat supplies about 8 to 10 nice wood hangers most with clips for slacks, so each hanger can do double duty.

David summed it up pretty good. The only thing I'd add is that there are hooks everywhere for hanging the loose non-wrinkle stuff. There are multiple hooks in the bathroom on the wall, on the bathroom door and on the bottom rung of the Pullman rack...
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