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Default Our .org crew

1) Our Planters Punch party in the courtyard. The open door in the background goes to my temporary quarters. My apartment is to the right. Franz, Carmen, and Leonie are to the right near Debbie Fagnano the calliope player. Across the table are Don Houghton, 'little' Steve Nicoulin, and big Steve Nicoulin. 2) In the NATCHEZ pilothouse somewhere around the General Anchorage: Capts. Leonie Winkler, Don Houghton, and Steve Nicoulin. Note the confidence Don and Steve have in Leonie. 3) Taken on Saturday, about 45 degrees, on the Moonwalk. Leonie, Franz and Carmen pose in front of both the NATCHEZ and the GRANDEUR OF THE SEAS.
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