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Default NOLA cont. Steamboat Houses

1 and 2) These are the famous Steamboat Houses, built by riverboat captain Milton Doullut in 1904. This is the one he built for his daughter, across Egania St. from his house. These are also in the Lower 9th, only about a mile from the first set of pix, but this area is salvageable. The land along the river is higher than inland, so they sustained less water damage here. In fact, this house is being lived in now. 3) This is on the University of New Orleans campus. I'm standing on the levee and taking the pix of the FEMA trailer park in UNO's big field. Look carefully along the levee and in the back you'll see a yellow framed structure. This was the framework for the altar from which Pope John Paul II said mass for 450,000 people in Sept. 1987. FEMA trailers were put wherever there was room. If your yard was big enough, you were able to have yours in front of your house.
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