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Hi, Pete & gang:
I wish I could post some of those 'high waves' in San Francisco Bay with the DELTA QUEEN, but here I'm suffering learning the ins/outs of the new HP photo program. It's not as easy as the earlier version when I could scan, edit, save and post. At times newer isn't better. For starters you can pull down Fred Way's 'SAGA of the DELTA QUEEN,' turn to Pg. 16 and you'll see a photo giving a hint of the waves on the bay with the boat's flags whipping in the wind, froth and mist swirling from the wheel and the big wood/copper cover. Stan Garvey writes, and surviving passengers living today, comment on what it was like on the two QUEENS until they cleared the upper end of the bay and entered the Sacramento River.

Yes, copper/bronze/wrought iron/tile theft is rife around here with jerks pulling up to churches, schools, vacant homes in the night to pull down valuable metals. Now some are even stealing lovely stained glass, Rookwood pottery garden fixtures, gates, fences, fountains etc. Our big Guardian Angels cemetery around the corner lost two beautiful bronze angels from the gate posts right on a major highway at a big intersection.

During World War II, and the metal shortages, a number of fine steamboat engines went under the torch for the war effort.

R. Dale Flick
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