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Hi, Bruce, Pete & Cap'n Bill:
I was in a 'fog' when I read the initial posting on the DELTA KING's "wheelhouse" wrongly thinking of the pilothouse on a deep sea vessel and not the wood/copper sheathed covers over the wheels. Stan Garvey's definitive volume 'KING & QUEEN of the River,' River Heritage Press, describes the DELTA KING in Chapter 11 'The Landlocking of a King,' Pgs. 127-137 for Kitmat Constructors' in British Columbia. The QUEEN & KING were so fitted with the massive covers over their wheels to dampen the sound for those sleeping in the stern areas for the night run on the Sacramento. The covers also held in check the spray blown from the wheels on the wide expanses of San Francisco Bay. A few surviving photos show the KING/QUEEN steaming in high winds and rolling seas in the big bay and it is awesome. Period 1947 photos show the DELTA QUEEN steaming up the Mississipp/Ohio to Dravo near Pittsburgh for refurbishing. Fred Way later mentioned later in conversations that, "There was a fortune in solid copper sheating in that wheel cover." I can only wonder if that copper was ever salvaged for later sale at bulk rate or simply disposed of? Anybody know? Copper prices at salvage now in 2007 are through the ceiling.

Cheers and thanks,
R. Dale Flick
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