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Originally Posted by Bruce MacCullagh View Post
He was laughing because he pictured walking into the restroom and all of the toilet seats snapping up to Attention, and he never got this picture out of his mind.
Hi Bruce,

And your story gave me a chuckle because I rememberd the scene in "No Time For Sergeants" where Andy Griffith's character greets the company commander entering the latrine, salutes and steps on a wooden pedal, rigged to make the toilet seats "snap to attention".

Now, not to disillusion anyone, but the crew ALWAYS calls them "cruises". That's what all our internal paperwork calls them. And as I recall, that's what they were called on the old DQSC web site.

Bottom line is that you take a "trip" on one of our "cruises" and hopefully, you have a great "vacation".


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