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Hi, Shipyard:
Good seeing your post on 'kites' on the DQ. Richard Stewart, Bob Reynolds, Jim Reising, Kenny Howe, you and a few others who, "were there then, and we're here now." I recall all of the big PR Re: kites on the DQ then. I saw it, flew a few, but heard 'Capt' Betty Blake laid her claim--and blessing--to the concept. It hit the papers and national travel magazines. Another 'hook' in a 'niche market' that paid off well. Well, it was/is fun and Betty got a lot of PR mileage out of it. A lot of great concepts and ideas from the crew and steamboat fans ended up on Betty's desk--with her taking credit. That's the way it was then and now in corporate America. More than a few passengers packed their kites carefully in luggage and took home at the end of their 'trips'--not 'cruises'--in old steamboat jargon. Bridges and power lines, as I recall, were the big problem during kite flying along with erratic winds. Thinking of Benjamin Franklin, and his kite with the key, more than a few novices were jokingly told to string a metal wire up to their kites on the DQ. OUCH! Well, what do I know? Thanks for the memories.

R. Dale Flick
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