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Default A Steamboat Tradition

Unless someone can prove to the contrary, kite flying aboard "the boats" can trace its roots to 1970, or so, when my deckhands and I flew large garbage bags off the fantail of the DELTA QUEEN. Mariam Edgar, the Queen's hostess, seeing the potential for increased passenger entertainment, brought back some kites from a five-and-dime "uptown" at the next shorestop. Soon after that when the idea became a regular activity, Captain Betty Blake had brightly-colored kites printed with that cute little steamboat logo and the DELTA QUEEN name, and another steamboat "tradition" was born.

However, I would not be surprised that kite-flying aboard the GREENE LINE boats could have been a regular activity long before the boys flew the clear, plastic, drum liners high above the spray off the old paddlewheel. Dale? Richard? Anyone?
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