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Sorry, but to many of us,the vessel IS the main part of the experience. Food, drink, entertainment, rooms, you can get anywhere. And most of us cherish the historical significance of steamboats. While changes are obviously necessary over the years, such as steel superstructures, air-conditioning, other amenities - to strip away traditional things just to give it your brand's image is sad. Steamboats, with a yellow SIDNEY, and the metallic PRESIDENT and ADMIRAL as notable exceptions, have always been painted white. What was the Mark Twain quote about a steamboat looking like a giant wedding cake? So Sally, if you don't mind a pink boat with purple polka dots, that's fine for you, but for many of us who look at these boats as a continuation of the proud steamboating tradition, it is sad to see the unnecessary desecration Majestic America Line is inflicting on them.(Nobody has posted about the non-red AQ paddlewheel yet. The gambling boat on Lake Pontchartrain has a mauve wheel, and Corps boats had reddish-orange, but paddlewheels are RED, bright RED.) Yes, Nick, you have a very good handle on what that blue reminds you of, and you are not an old fogey poster. Thanks for your insightful youthful input.
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