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Default nightmare for the delta queen boats

Hello everyone,

I feel like I am having a nightmare about the Delta Queen, and American Queen so far. After seeing the updates to the boats I feel so sick about it. Instead of spending millions of dollars to give the boats a new image, I don't understand why Majestic America Line didn't just give them a fresh coat of paint and keep them the way they were. I think more than 90% of steamboaters would be happy with it that way :)

First the eagle on the front of the Delta Queen's pilot house gave the impression that the boat was smiling when looking at her from straight on. Now this new logo looks sad. It looks like a sticker decal for a model car you can buy at walmart. :( I really hope they put something new up there, something 3D like the eagle was.

Also about the American Queen, is it just me, or does this blue paint make everyone sick? You know when you see a towboat on the river that is being painted, they remove the old paint then apply the new? That is what this looks like from those pics I have seen. It looks like bare metal that is in preparation for new paint. If they had to add color they should have painted the whole thing white like before, and then added red trim like the DQ, and MQ. I personally think painting the sides of the decks blue was the worst choice possible, besides maybe bright orange.

Anyway, I personally am very disappointed with how the boats look, but I guess that isn't the most important thing, and what is important is that they are running again. I hope somehow, someway that they will revert back to the way they were before all of this started, but I doubt that will happen. :(

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