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Hi Carmen,

I understand the ommission of steamboat as far as accuracy. It also does sound a bit like "American Classic Voyages" Personally, I think it is a tough call because once I learned about the original Delta Queen- having that name as the company's name gave it historic significance. But if they are trying to phase that one out more in favor of her big sisters, I can understand the name change. We don't know if that is true or not. I think they just want full boats, full bookings, and waiting lists.

Still, leaving steamboat in the name also adds the historic twist. But I think that the emphasis is American- all American crew- all American ports and voyages.

The original phone conference that I remember had a strong emphasis on obtaining the American Queen- more so than either the MQ or DQ. The AQ was the major prize. I suspect when they put her back running, they will use as much fanfare and PR as they can muster. I even suspect that when it comes to crew up for the AQ, they are going to try and insist that they have their top notch crew available. Keep in mind, that I don't want that statement interpreted incorrectly- all of the crew that I met were outstanding.

Anyway, I think I see the patriotic or "Made in America" influence coming into play. And the disadvantage to that is that they also want the affluent traveller- well, not all affluence is made in America. But we will see what happens.

I wonder what the logo will look like now they they are a big MAC : )

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