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It's a little late, but this certainly looks like grounds for a lawsuit in behalf of the Belle of Louisville to me! That's outright destruction of property, clear and simple!!

[QUOTE=Alan Bates;3931]Here is a tale of spite. In 1966 the Belle of Louisville made an extended trip to Maysville, Kentucky. The Louisville Coast Guard machinery inspector came along as a guest.

At the end of the season he came to the boat, electric drill in hand, to inspect the boilers. He riddled the bottom sheets until he found a thin spot, then condemned them. Even if he had not found a thin place, he had ruined enough plates to require heavy repairs. This may or may not have been vengeance for his losses in that disastrous poker game. The boilers had to be replaced. Now I am not saying he did this for spite, but I certainly do suspect it.
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