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Barge Slinger
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The Code of Federal Regulations states you can not operate a commercial vessel with a blood alcohol content greater than .04... That's half of what the fed/state regulations for highways, .08 for the operation of automobiles....

That's understandable for deck officer, I don't think anyone would argue with that. But the problem lies in the fact that for far too long, the steamboats have had person(s) exceeding that limitation that are crewmembers and ultimately the crewmembers are part of the station bill and as crewmembers they are effectively responsible for assisting the passengers in an emergency. Hence, the reason for zero tolerance.... The old company was always affraid to implement the policy caving to the speculation the boats would be hard to staff... In contrast the new company has stepped up and made an affirmative decision to move forward with zero tolerence, and for one I'm glad....

The boats carry breath alcohol anylizers, so determining those who don't understand zero will not be overly difficult...
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