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Thanks for the information. I have a question. As you understand the USCG regs, do they really say that YOU cannot drink off duty from the GV II? And does that apply to ALL crew members or just the navigation, engineering and master class. I'm not trying to stir up the pot here, I'm just trying to understand the true meaning of the regs. Is Majestic America Line embellishing just because they can?

And to my buddy Lance, fortunately the Krause's have been spared the onslaught of snow so duly reported by the media. I have to admit that it would be a a cold day in you know where(pun REALLY intended) before we ever moved to Oswego or Jefferson County, New York about 50 to 75 miles due East, and a little North. At the East end of Lake Ontario, in the winter, be dragons! The poor sods...eight feet in seven days. Lordy! And though the media is going crazy about the snow over there, and trust me, it IS a bad year for the East end of the lake, every year is a bad year over there. It, the snow, just came down a little more intense/ a little faster this year. Reports of people using snowblowers on their roofs, old news, I've had to do that on some of the buildings I designed. Us? We have about 2 feet that came down over 6 weeks. The problem this year is that it hasn't got warm enough to melt any of it, since the first of the year. The icicles on our house are real killers. We have this lump of white that I THINK is my boat. But we have lots of wood and the woodburner is ticking quietly as I type. 74 toasty degrees inside, 21 outside, and I can hear the wind howling. Do you understand why we like brown water so much, why we always take a DQ cruise in March?

Me and Deb buy you and Becky unlimited rounds? You must be a-sleep, my friend, 'cause you're dreamin'. I suspect that you two would jump at the chance to buy Deb and me all the rounds, considering that we're better lookin', tee hee. Your wife is pretty good looking, but the jury is out on you...

Looking forward to the day that you can buy me that round my friend...

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