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Agatha, I really feel what you are saying--I blame it on "modern" college-trained management who have never been "in the trenches" and think that employees are pegs you can pull and plug to fit whatever whim is today's latest management tool. There is no loyalty to either the workers or the company. I just lost a fellow co-worker "because the funding ran out" --although they have someone else in that position now, who hasn't a clue where we were in the grant funding. The city may lose a million dollars because the granters don't know this new person, and it shows a lack of stability. The scuttlebut is that they didn't want to add her to the PERS retirement. They just don't have a clue!!! AAAUGH--guess I'm venting too. I was so disgusted I went straight to the mayor, so my job may be gone too. At least I'm gonna ride the DQ soon!
Hang in there, this too must pass (like a kidney stone, but. . . )
David Dewey
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