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Default Steamboating day + 1.5 extra, we lucked into it this year

I agree as the years go by since the end of the DQ/MQ/AQ era (pre Katrina) riverboating advertising and clients seem to be more and more blue water based. Our last trip (Memphis to Clarksville) was full of blue water folks who kept comparing things with their most recent voyage on a ship with 3000+ of their closest friends. However, there were a good number of former DQ and MQ folks on the trip as well.

As luck would have it,we did get some extra riverboating/steamboatin days. The original itinerary had one full day of riverboating the day after departing Memphis, and a full half day of riverboating after departing New Madrid about noonish However, due to an issue at lock 52 we could not get to Paducah, and after the stated time (just 6 miles short) we headed back downstream for a full extra half day of riverboating, ending up at Hickman, KY. (BTW, this afforded a great daytime view of the never ending construction at Olmstead Dam, fantastic views of the floating crane and other equipment. We zipped non stop through the lock which is not yet operational. Anyway, after an interesting impromptu day visit to Discovery Park (TN) and a ride on Hickman to MO ferry ($1 each way, and you get a hand filled out ticket stating you are a "walk on" rider), we departed Hickman northbound as the lock 52 was again operational. The next morning found us at Paducah filling up with water, and a full day of rivercruising though the big lock and onto the Cumberland River, going past Dover about sunset. All in all I and most other Steamboaters had a great time, only heard a few complaints from some New England Blue Water folks that we had no time to shop at the shore stops.....Oh well, had they posted this itinerary at the beginning a lot more steamboaters would have wanted to join. The reason for lock 52 issues was high water, about 0.5 feet over the limit when we arrived, and about -0.5 feet when we passed through on the second attempt.

Originally Posted by Wesley Paulson View Post
I received a 60-page American Queen 2018 brochure. I noted there are may cruises now offering at least one "river cruise" day with no shore stops. The AQ now features "family suites" by offer a combination of adjacent inside and outside cabins. This is now a feature on many blue water ships.

The brochure does not mention steamboating, and there is no mention of the steam engines on the AQ. All in all, the brochure has the look of one of the many European river cruises brochures I receive. The brochure is a quality product, obviously targeting the same audience, and it would appeal to many of my blue water cruise friends.

Unfortunately, my travel budget is allocated to other destinations for the next few years.

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