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*No KRUPP markings at JEFFBOAT*
Steamboating, colleagues,
Thanks, Jim, for adding the comments above according to what Kenny Howe saw--or didn't see. And he'd be the one to know. I think it was Kenny who commented about the DQ's high pressure engine "never wanting to ship up right" as it was replaced by the U.S. Navy in World War II. One navy veteran on the DQ then said, "The US. Navy paid more for that one engine than Capt. Tom Greene paid for the whole boat in 1947."

'Somebody' years back said they 'thought' they saw a certain metal engraving [But didn't say where on the DQ] representing a kind of "modified German cross." Fact is that in the U.K. the DARLINGTON WORKS also 'may' have had a part in milling some minor components or related equipment for both DK/DQ. The logo for DARLINGTON for years was that certain "modified German cross." Such representations pretty much a common logo. DARLINGTON just a few years later also played a big part in the work on CUNARD's mighty QUEEN MARY. Great Depression, labor issues halted work on the QUEEN MARY for several years until she entered service 1936.

No doubt the subject of the KRUPP link to the DK/DQ will go on and on. Basic evidence indicates no link. Again, possible legends and stories that never die. But at this late date what difference does it make? Other incline reciprocating steam engines I saw in operation on European rivers, Swiss lakes back then [1960s] were made by different companies along with KRUPP. Two I saw were triple expansion incline engines driving sidewheels. Cheers!

PS> Jim, are you settled back in Florida? Did your residence down there suffer any storm damage? Keep in touch by private E=Mail.

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