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Default Krupp

I remember stories that the pitman arms of the DQ and DK were made by the German company Krupp. It has never been proved as there were no records at Krupp.

Hereīs another story I just read in the Swiss Dampferzeitung. The article is about the 160 year old steam engine of the current sidewheeler Stadt Wehlen (one of the nine sidewheelers of Dresden). The engine was built in 1857 by Ruston & Co in Prague. On August 9th, 2014 an engineer was cleaning the middle shaft of the steam engine and found an engraving "25/5 1927 KRUPP" near the airpump crank (sorry, thatīs my translation, hope it makes some sense). They did some research but again there was nothing to be found in the Krupp archive.

So obviously Krupp was building steam engine parts in the 1920ies. And again there are no records in the archives.

Maybe there is some truth in the story about the DQ and DK.

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