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The last and one and only time I visiited the Argosy Casino in Alton was several years ago when Annie and I went over on a Sunday for "Sunday Brunch". The food was PLENTIFUL, quality so-so at best. Our view of the River good. The SoA painted in those god-awful colors was showing her age and relative 'ordinary' construction i.e wheelboxes covered with plywood that was in the process of delaminating. Maybe they have spiffed her up since then, I don't know. Haven't been back since.

One interesting aspect of the actual Casino Vessel itself is that the top deck is off center, maybe more correctly stated, there is no passenger seating area on the port side, only a narrow walkway for crew, stern portion open for seating. The Starboard side had space for chairs for 'passengers'.

I'm sure ALL the other Lurkers on here can give a better, more detailed and authorative description than I am able.
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