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Default Painted or Not Painted...That's the Question

Several times we have discussed whether or not paddlewheels on sidewheel boats were painted when new coming out of the shipyard. To my eye the attached photo may hold the answer.
When Howards built the J.M.WHITE, before the boat was completed they took it to the New Albany city front to get it's finishing touches (I'm not sure what time of the year it was,but they may have been afraid of having the boat caught above the falls in low water, she was too big for the lock).
Look at the attached picture taken at New looks to me like the wheel, eventhough it's in the shadow of the paddle box, is a little darker than the white painted hull. Unpainted new oak is not as bright as white painted wood. Keep in mind that in black and white photography, red comes out black, so it definitely wasn't painted red.
So I conclude that they did not paint the wheels...or at least not on the WHITE. What are your thoughts?
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