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*Even more Bill exemption questions*
Greetings, Steamboating colleagues:
Jim, you certainly are a brave soul in taking the bit in your mouth with some pressing questions RE: the current DQ Exemption Bill. Yet, with your first-hand experience working on the boat years ago you're insights just as valid as any. I know we all have positive hopes and support for the exemption issue along with those deeply committed personally and financially to the new 'DELTA QUEEN Steamboat Co.' And I know I don't know all the answers but do know what I hear and read. In this bill there are other issues raised in bold print along with others not mentioned. My understanding also the present main steamline location now not permitted 'over, under, around, through any passenger or crew area.' What about that? Those closely involved have also mentioned to me--and others--on the cuff the intense work required replacing the current aged 1922 boilers, related piping etc. There's a lot more work involved than just "cosmetic." It will be interesting to see the entire list from A to Z drawn up spelling out major repairs, upgrades, new requirements with cost estimates.

With all said and done, what would the new DQ company set on per person cruise rates, taxes etc. being competitive with current river cruise lines in existence and proposed? Any thinking cruise rates at this date won't be expensive a no brainer. In essence, we support this to the max. This current congressional by-play worth watching closely. And again, as grossly stated several years ago, the U.S. Coast Guard being a branch of our U.S, military isn't "...going to alter or change their findings or recommendations if the U.S. Congress so orders." This isn't the end of the process. This isn't the beginning of the end. This is only the beginning of the beginning. Well, what do I know? Please, no 'private messages' from here again knocking me off as to what I don't see or read outside the orthodoxy. All we do is cross our fingers and hope for the best. Two local reps, when I called to talk, informed me, "We haven't had any communiction on this effort in well over a year." What IS or ISN'T going on here?

R. Dale Flick
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