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Default DQ Exemption Bill Questions

Having read and reread the exemption bill, there are many, to me, almost insurmountable and extremely expensive hurdles to overcome before the first COI will be issued. Let's take just one of them...."all fuel and oil tanks have to be brought up to current Coast Guard standards". Does anyone on this board know what those standards are? I know when the new hull was put on back in the early '90s new fuel tanks were included in the new hull. Were those tanks double skinned? Are they required to be today. What about vapor recovery. All cars today have to have a closed vapor system. Does the same apply to a CG inspected vessel? I don't know. The fuel and oil tanks may already meet current standards but if they do then why were they specifically mentioned in the bill?
The bill also requires the boat to be reconfigured to make "multiple egress points off the bow and stern". Does the reconfiguration jeopardize the boats historic landmark status?
Just a couple of my questions
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