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Default Live from just a few blocks from the levee

After 7 months I am finally back in New Orleans. I am on a protruding 4x6 balcony on the third floor of LeRichelieu, on the Barracks St side. Just flew in at noon, rode 2 trips, heard Matt Bubba Dow play the 5:30 calliope concert, and narrated the dinner trip during the Dukes' break. Spring break, so good crowds everywhere. Capts. Don Houghton and Troy C Delaney presided today. Troy and I have golf set up for Wednesday, should be interesting as I haven't played since December. I saw Doc sitting in the sun on his balcony as I drove over to retrieve my bike and golf clubs from the storage unit, but haven't talked to him yet. Busy river today, lots to narrate. Later this week I'll get a chance to visit the former CRI,now the CNO..This is a new iPad mini so I'm going to try to post pix, but considering how long it took to get signed on here, I don't know.. Capt. Matt Bubba Dow at the keyboard, a wind blown 'Grandma' observing. Not windblown enough to be upside down though..that's now on my second glass of wine on this small balcony !!
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