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Yes, the DK odyssey did help the DQ survive. Before going to Alaska, the wheel and engines were removed, mostly to lighten the load, I suspect and left at the shipyard near Antioch, where, a few years later they were "handy" to rescue the DQ who had "run through herself." I know, not 100% correct there, but onward. . . Rather then just get the parts they need then, the Greene's got all that was there. This proved fortuitous years later when she was blown into the bank and apparently stressed her shaft enough that it later cracked.
So, the boilers were left in, to provide heat. They survived the Alaska adventure, and while I haven't found any proof yet, I think they were scrapped while the DK was in Rio Vista. The original stack ended up across the river in Isleton where it still stands, being used for a storage shed! Yes, I believe the owner knows what it is, as when the DK was finally being restored, he refused to sell it to them. The DK now has a complete replica wheel and Stack, although both are cosmetic only. Well, partly true, when the built the new wheel, they thought the river current would turn it, so it would look like it was doing something. Well, that idea failed, so they hooked a small electric motor to the shaft through a chain drive. Well, it really is a wheel, but it rides on very much smaller roller bearings and the torque of the wheel trying to move water was enough to break the shaft where it is necked down to fit the bearings. So, so much for THAT idea.
I posted pics of this way back in '07, but I don't have the pics anymore (computer crash) maybe there is some way to repost them in this thread??
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