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*DK in NATGEO/Kitimat Etc.*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
WOW! Thanks to Wesley, Judy and Jim for their postings with a copy scan of that 1956 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE on Kitimat, the aluminum works, DK as a barracks boat. Sure brought back memories but sorry I no longer have that issue on my shelves. I had so many GEOGRAPHIC copies going back years they were taking over shelf space, the house. I donated most to all to schools for projects with kids cutting out photos. Art teachers made collages out of some. Another regret is I didn't save all the NATGEO issues through the World War II years. Yet, having the magazine on DVD is a miracle for research. I always loved reading all of the old steamship ads going way back. 1956 is now 61 years ago! Again, thanks to you guys.

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