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*Judy's DK web site/Article*
WOW! Judy, thanks for the above link RE: DK history, Kitimai etc. I read it word for word finding the dates [1956] what I remembered. Interesting the DK was a step above from the usual worker barracks up there. Kitimai, in many ways, a frontier settlement growing up and around the aluminum works there. I did have a moment of pause reading in the history that the DELTA KING had operated on the Hudson River. [?!] The printed date of 1922 really when the initial discussions, plans for both DK/DQ design commenced. John Burns related to me that he "was there and recalled it vividly with my dad." [Jim Burns] John's account mentioned the first thinking began at a big annual July 4th celebration picnic for the 'California Transportation Co.' people [Those running the boats were on duty] when the subject was first mentioned by Capt. Anderson, company officials, stockholders and staff. Somebody later laughed, "Too much beer, California wine and good food at the company picnic." Again, what do I know?

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PS> The artcle also nails down that the DK engines etc. had been removed previously. Good thing as later events mechanically with the DQ could have been disastrous. Letha Greene off-handedly commented to me years later, "There were several times when I thought it was all over with the boat."
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