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Wow, you had those two in your house, that must have been quite a time. On one of my trips Stan was onboard with his daughter when I gave a short powerpoint presentaion in the Olreans room, "The King and Queen, Not Twins Anymore." showing the similarities and differences of the two boats at that time. Stan came up to me and said, "I thought I was the only one crazy about these two boats!" High praise, in my "book."
OK, I'll give you a "gimme" on fire-tube vs water-tube! I was told the original boiler pressure design for the Navy was for 450--but that seems awfully high. Dan, you must have been onboard when we rode; that last trip we ( very few of us FRNs with mechanical interests) were allowed into the boiler room; although the weather was cold outside, I think it was above 80 degrees in the boiler room (easily above 80). As with most boiler rooms, not a lot of "extra" space there. As I recall, we had to be "snuck" in and didn't stay long. Hard to believe how long ago that was (2008).
Even the UP railroad had problems with tube material (although fire tube), I was in Sacramento when the 844 blew a tube. Fortunately I was a few hundred feet away, but even then I knew immediately something wasn't right. It is still debated a bit if the problem was over-rolling or metal composition (or a bit of both).
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