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Bob mentions "Old Hotels,," well my family still has an old "Auto Court" with modern motel rooms (OK, they were built in 1968, but feature real beam ceilings with real 3/4" thick tongue and groove paneling--not plywood!), and modular units in the old "trailer park" area. If you read the Yelp! reviews, they range from "NEVER again!" to "I LOVE this place and stay often!" The original cabins are very much like the DQ, built in 1923, linoleum floors, fridge on the back porch, two burner hot plates, wooden drainboards, tin shower stalls. The resort does well, but my brother has had to modify the original metal bed-frames to take Queen-sized mattresses, making the room seem even smaller. Some folks love them, some folks think they should be burned to the ground. BTW, no phones, no TVs in the cabins; they are in the modern rooms and the manufactured housing units.
It's a matter of marketing; some folks like "vintage" others like "chic" and there were always be more folks looking for the "chic" than for the "Vintage." I don't have any market research to tell me how much demand there is, but I think if the "new folks" market the authentic period experience (granted, it may be a little glamorized) and the experience of being ON the river (no sea days? You're not on the 'friggin' sea!) that the boat will fill. Granted, we probably won't be able to afford the trips with our limited income, but there are many out there with the income who can.
It will be harder and harder to sell ANY cruises though as more of this "virtual reality" generation grows up--if it's not on their I-this-or-that, they're not interested.
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