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In addition to what Capt. Jim posted below, Jim, I would say this: Yes, the DQ might need some work to remain viable. An elevator? I think that would be fine. Yes, by all means get the showers fixed where yu don't have to bend over to wash your hair...a trip to the plumbing supply store solves that. Maybe combine some rooms to make some bigger ones? Maybe.... The DQ's pluses: Fewer shore stops, a real steamboat, make it truly "old fashioned" (and I'm not talking faux-19th century, which she AIN'T), with tasteful decorating and furniture, good food served pretty much as it always was, and the feeling of an old hotel in the mountains. Do old hotels still do well, in spite of their age and quirks? Yep. The key is marketing. Is the DELTA QUEEN for everyone? No, and neither are these new boats. I hope and think there's room for both. Let's get the exemption and see what the market will bear.
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