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*Judy's fine work 'DELTA QUEEN Memories*
Steamboating colleagues:
A word here to compliment Judy Patsch on her work setting up the FACEBOOK web page 'DELTA QUEEN Memories...pre 1990s.' No easy job for sure. I read the other postings [Too busy now to paw back through there] discussing and the FACEBOOK web. Both wonderful providing viewing and discussion space. More people 'lurk' here on .org than most know often sending private messages, other E=Mails on issues and questions. There's room for all to be sure. Again, we all often compose and post busy with other things only to realize 'that which is written not always read with the same mind set.' Postings here and on 'DELTA QUEEN Memories...pre 1990s' like a letter from home. Copyright issues with river/steamboat photos posted important to remember if they were done by a professional photographer or other individual. All of my photos I either took myself, were given free and clear, inherited. People so inclined can lay the term (C) copyright to whatever they want down to a grocery list. As our late Capt. Alan Bates used to say, "Let them sue...prooving a case, stating damages costs more than the photo item itself." Thanks to both Franz and Judy. *I'll be off line here with both webs for a period of time but hope by next month to be back reading. CHEERS!

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