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*RE: Who is sponsor?*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Good question, Judy, and here's the clarifying answer. Definitely ACL. the 'American Queen' link got mixed up with another report. Just received two nice longish E=Mails from our Franz talking, catching up. I clarified also that this report states with ACL, "...river and coastal cruise line." Again, I just wanted to share what came in here as I always keep my ears and eyes open to what the 'other kids on the block are doing.'

Jo Ann, sorry to hear you are dropping 'Antiques Roadshow' from your list. Looking forward to direct information, PR, plans from the gang working with the DELTA QUEEN initiative in Houma. AGAIN, I've sent E=Mails, letters, calls to congressional reps but some have responded asking me direct questions. Sending the same 'form letter' not cutting it with some. I've lost track of how many times I've done this since the first initiative by Betty Blake. How many here were back there then? Hope all well.

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