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Default *ACL sponsors 'Antiques Roadshow*

Steamboating colleagues:
A 'squib' just in announcing that ACL [AMERICAN QUEEN] is finding a 'hook' and niche market sponsoring a new exposure to an estimated 8.5 million plus PBS TV viewers in tandem with 'Antiques Roadshow' [On the air for 21 years] with a sponsorship beginning with Feb. 6th show. The link is with the river cruise line's customers with a bond sharing history and culture in a new fit. "A perfect fit," said ACL's V.P. Timothy Beebe.

Many now see also 'Viking Cruises' river and ocean sponsorship of PBS Masterpiece and "Downton Abbey." This year 'Viking' is co-sponsoring PBS shows "Sherlock" and "Victoria" [Queen Victoria]. These hooks with programing aimed to hit the travel market with the discretionary, disposable income for travel.

Years back the GREENE LINE, from the GORDON C. GREENE to the DELTA QUEEN, had hooks of a kind with big CARTAN TRAVEL by bus, rail, air and later, via Betty Blake, LUFTHANSA airline with other air carrier links. The DELTA QUEEN also had a standing link with the alumni association at Stanford University. How many remember those days? The DELTA QUEEN in the past, including the then MISSISSIPPI QUEEN did fine 'theme' cruises focusing on holidays, events in the south. It's finding the 'niche,' getting the word out with an aggressive, viable marketing program. And it's all about business--big business. Again, what do I know?

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