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I am reasonably sure my reply will be either ignored or met with vehement vituperative vocabulary; however I might humbly suggest that one first consider their items. Quite possibly one or more museums could use a particular item. For paperwork, etc I humbly suggest an institution such as the Mercantile Library University of Missouri St Louis in St Louis, MO.

Collections are catalogued (in due course, probably not the day after received), yes, quite possibly stored either onsite or offsite but available for perusal with appropriate due notice (request) under controlled conditions.

If one has sensitive material that maybe should not be immediately available to the public it can be held in a time protected release account.

Probably the Cincinnati Public Library has such a program, I don't know, neither do I know what the policy is of the Murphy Library.

As to the copyrighted material question I suspect that a person could easily file a suit where it would require a great deal of time to defend onesself against such a "frivilous" suit.

Has anyone looked at a "yellow pages" phone book to the section on Lawyers or seen large expensive highway billboards for Lawyers of every size and stripe?
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