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*More of the 'story' to come*
Morning, steamboating colleagues:
Jim, your points excellent in your follow posting but at this point I've not told the whole story. "Flimsy construction" will be explained along with period accounts, records of cabin service, food. Read my two lower postings and you all will see either disclaimers or a statement leading to more information. The story is fascinating and you, Jim, know more than most with your close association for years with Mrs. Loretta Howard and the Howard Steamboat Museum. My reference to Alan Bates' comments and his opinion on steamboat food more tongue in cheek with more to follow. Alan's comment always was, "They could make anything taste good with lots of lard, sugar, flour." Then again, Alan bristled at a lot of things when he heard the word "No."

The "immigrant on lower decks" true as you say but I've not finished yet. Even then the U.S. Government began investigations on conditions, safety, food and even warm, dry shelter. Also laws forbidding immigrant womem working as cargo handlers, wood for fuel. Naturally the steamboat owners and captains did all the could to avoid the new regulations. These regs and statistics already compiled by the 1830s. The 1850s statistics showed that decade the biggest in the history of steamboating. I want to make sure I post right with clarity to avoid 'corrections' or 'knock offs.' Stay tuned as it may get better or worse. I thought I was doing right stepping up with history. Again, what do I know? Cheers!

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