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So very true, Dale. You mention Cpat. Fred Way -- I met but cannot say I knew Capt. Way. But in his own book about his own boat, "The Log of the BETSY ANN", he goes on to describe how he, too, was enthralled with the old boats and thought that if he had one [the BETSY ANN] and had it in passenger service he could make a good living. He also talks about a passenger finding a rat in her stateroom (!), a crew member admitting, "Yes'm, they'd been known to be rats on here", etc. He didn't sugar-coat anything, and neither should we. As has been pointed out here, the passenger steamboats for the most part were the only reliable transportation available for either shipping goods or people. Once railroads, then modern motor roads took hold, the steamboat all but vanished as a way to ship goods or for people to travel. I love these old boats as much as anybody, but what has been sold since the 1920's has been the vacation cruise, a relaxing way to "get away from it all". Since that time, the boats and the service have steadily improved from the conditions you mention in your last post. History cannot be destroyed, only studied. Romantic, yes, but not what folks find or expect today.
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