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Default Despite that comment Bill..

I'm still here and will remain here. I started the thread which Jim wanted (he could have started it himself) and I will add to it when I find pix that I haven't already posted on .org. As I stated once you post a pix, you can't post it in another thread unless you find it and remove it from the first thread. I'm not doing that. Unfortunately it looks like Jim wanted to stir something up, and he did. But if you truly want this place to continue to be worthwhile, you need to post, not just lurk. And by 'you' I mean the generic whoever is reading this. It is nice to know people are looking, but it would be nicer if more people would post too. That is something which Facebook definitely has over .org because of its simplicity. Now Bill, if you and Jim wish to be alone on here, just say so and we can leave. I think I have more than sufficiently shared on here even though I also post on Facebook and don't feel that comment was appropriate.
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